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1. Who should do the vocational course and which course should I apply for?

Ans: If you are looking for professional employment in a firm or want to start your own business then you should do the course. The following steps need to be followed for taking the course.
a. Check your eligibility
b. Check out the course details
c. Understand the prospects of employability
d. Learn how you can get help to get employed

2. After the skill training and livelihood training what will be my future career prospects?

Ans: The skill and livelihood training opens multiple livelihood options depending on your requirements.
a. A respectable job of your choice
b. An opportunity to work in a city/town/village of your choice
c. An opportunity to learn what you wished for all these years
d. A perennial source of income
e. Independence and self-reliance!

3. What can I expect by undergoing this training?

Ans: We provide the training in multiple courses; the training is conducted by trained professionals and enables the trainees in the following manner.
a. The course will give you employable and hands-on training
b. Will make you job-ready
c. You will be able to work independently
d. Can set up your own business if you so wish

4. Should I pursue the course to learn just as a hobby or to take up employment?

Ans: The curriculum is designed to enable the trainees to take up industry employment or build your own business, it is the individual's choice which path he wants to take.
a. Ask yourself if you want to do the course only as a hobby
b. Why not link it with employability opportunities
c. Make yourself ready for career in the industry

5. Shall I take up a industry job to earn your livelihood or set up my own business after completing the course?

Ans: The course will provide the industry updated curriculum and practical knowledge for delivering the course – specific services. The career path taken is and individual decision and for either cases the trainees need to take the course in the following manner.
a. In both the cases you must be ready to work independently
b. In both cases you will have to learn tricks of the trade and understand specific industry needs
c. In both cases objective must be becoming employable resource

6. If I wish to set up own business, will I get all resources funds, knowledge, contacts, tie-ups, etc. by doing the course?

Ans: Our course will enable you with the desired industry skills and also in connecting with potential employers. Setting up a new business will depend on the individuals capability and interest.
a. You must be ready to take the plunge once you have all ingredients needed to set up own business
b. You may need help and support in getting educated in bridging gaps in setting up own business

7. Do I have to shift out of your native place to earn my livelihood?

Ans: Upon taking the course the trainee is equipped to take up jobs in the industry as well create jobs in his native place by starting his own business. The decision can be based on the following aspects of the individual.
a. Are you mentally prepared to shift out of your comfort zone
b. Are you ready and prepared to create a place for yourself in more competitive environments

8. How much can I earn on a monthly basis after the skill training course?

Ans: The earnings will depend on the course choice and the individual's capability. We recommend the following steps to identify and pursue the desired career path.
a. Select course depending on your interest and capability
b. Understand employment options
c. Get data and help from those who understand the business and industry better
d. Take opinion but do the selection yourself based on your skill and interests

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